Bathroom Sink Faucet

10 Popular Types of Bathroom Sink Faucets

10 Popular Types of Bathroom Sink Faucets

Believe it or not, finding the right bathroom sink faucet is one of the trickiest home renovation tasks one could ever imagine. And why it shouldn’t be? Due to hundreds of unique types, finishes, styles, colors, and variations available in the market, it’s hard for people to choose the right lavatory faucet that looks good in both form and function!

Therefore, we believe that picking the right faucet type should be done with extreme care as you will be using the same faucet for many years to come.

Remember, the faucet you choose should always match with the overall color scheme and theme of the room- after all, your bathroom is a peaceful oasis that should be adorned with beautiful accessories. Right?

So, without further ado, let’s move on to some popular types of bathroom sink faucets and determine which is the right pick for you based on your needs, taste, and budget.




What are the Different Types of Bathroom Faucets?

From wall-mount to center set and bridge faucets, there are plenty of unique varieties available out there that help turn your bathroom into an oasis luxury.
So, let’s move on to know which faucet types help change the look of your overall bathroom.

Wall mount faucet

If you want to give a modern touch to your bathroom interiors, choose wall-mounted faucets. These types of faucets are basically attached to the wall instead of being connected with the sink or countertop like a deck-mounted faucet.

The style looks unique as it simply extends over your sink and is also available in different extensive designs, styles, sizes, and colors.

According to recent research, we have analyzed that many people find wall-mounted faucet an amazing accessory just because of their neat and clean appearance. It’s a unique style that goes with both modern and traditional interiors.

However, the most considerable advantage of the wall-mounted faucet on a vanity sink is that it helps you make the area clean around your sink. Since some remaining dirt, debris, and calcium deposits always build up at the back area of your sink, so it’s an important area to be kept clean and free from dirt.

Single handle faucets

These single-handle faucets are generally known as single-lever faucets, and they are exactly what their name suggests- a faucet with only one handle.

This single-handle faucet is efficient enough in controlling the temperature of running water and also maintains its pressure. These faucets are equally popular and useful for kitchens as well.

Also, one handle faucet just needs single or double holes. This clearly means that these single handle faucets will need only one hole in your bathroom countertop for installation. In case if there are some extra holes, these faucets will be available with a mounting plate that can easily cover all the additional holes.

One perfect example of this single handle faucet is KIBI Infinity Brass Single Handle Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet that helps in water flow pressure and maintaining temperature.

This faucet type is also highly secure for uneven surfaces.


If you want to combine traditional techniques with today’s modern lifestyle, then we would recommend you the Bridge. This faucet type might be the best addition for people who are looking to implement unique items in their homes.

As the name suggests, “Bridge” means that levers and faucets will all branch off of one part. So instead of three, it will only need two holes in the countertop.

You will even find bridge faucets attached to the under-mount sinks. However, this unique combination will allow you to experiment with your sink faucet. Although bridge faucets already mount to the countertop of your bathroom, which makes it easy cleaning of your faucet and surrounding areas.

Vessel faucets

These faucets are designed for adjusting well on vessel sinks. Because in case of vessel sinks, you will find that the basin will be supported on the countertop area. .

Vessel sinks exist without any hole. So, these types of faucets are usually installed in only one hole of the countertop.

In the case of vessel faucets, you will find that the spout is comparatively longer, and it will also extend to several inches from the basin. Now the handles exist behind and sometimes on both sides of the spout.

Sprinkle faucets

Sprinkle faucets also have a very unique look.

Instead of having a circular nozzle, these types of faucets usually have a rectangular nozzle. Additionally, their structure is equipped with a lot of straight edges- which makes them appear extra beautiful and elegant. If you love modern style, this type of faucet is probably the best choice for you.


Minispread faucets are also a very popular type and people love to choose due to their great visual appeal. These types of faucets are usually installed on the surface of your sink. They also look similar to center-set faucets.

However, in the case of mini spread faucets, you will find that the spout and the handles will be available as independent pieces.

Spread fit

Spread fit faucets are available in an extensive range of styles and colors based on your need.

These spread-fit faucets feature a separate spout and also have separate handles.

So generally, the holes for spread-fit faucets are placed almost 10 inches away from them. They can be easily mounted in nonstandard configurations. For example, its spout can be adjusted on the rear corner and the faucet handles can be positioned to one side, it will make it easy for tight installations. The faucet is also similar in design to the center set faucet.

Electronic faucets

Unlike spread fit or wall mount faucets, these are different in shape. In fact, these electronic faucets are actually common in public toilets. You won’t find them in homes. Because their main purpose of the installation is to save maximum water. These types of electronic faucets also feature proximity sensors to work well.

For example, when you bring your hand closer to its spout, the water will run automatically. After that, when you will take your hand away from the sensor, the flow will also stop automatically.


Have you ever used widespread faucets? If not yet, you must be curious to know the reason for their popularity.

Actually, widespread faucets are crafted with three unique and independent parts. It has one spout and two handles. Now its two handles are responsible to control the flow of cold and hot water. These types of faucets have a very high ornamental value and they make your house look extra beautiful and luxurious.

Other than that, they also boost the aesthetics of your bathroom. Widespread faucets have three holes in the sink.

For example, the Kibi Circular 8″ Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet with Pop-up is the best spread fit faucet that has a 1.5 gallon per minute water flow rate and has 4 waterlines.

Deck mount faucets

Deck mount faucets also have a similar shape to wall-mounted counterparts.

In the case of deck-mounted faucets, they will be fixed to the countertop area of your bathroom. These types of faucets are versatile in shape which can also be installed on bathtubs.

Common materials for bathroom sink faucets

Let’s have a look at some popular materials used for bathroom sink faucets.


Brass is one of the oldest materials designed for faucets that is popular for its durability. The material adds a plain yellow shade to your bathroom which looks quite elegant when combined with other interiors. Moreover, it has high copper content that protects against pathogens.

Stainless steel

If you are looking for a material that withstands all wear and tear and still offers excellent functionality, then stainless steel is your go-to option. The material is resistant to rust, dents, and all kinds of damages. Moreover, it also has a shiny finish that enhances the overall aesthetic value of your bathroom.


If you are short on money but want to add a new touch to your bathroom, then using plastic is not a bad choice. It’s the cheapest material available in bathroom sink faucets.

Among different types of plastic, polyethylene is usually an ideal option for small budgets. It has excellent resistance to damages and dents. Apart from that, it doesn’t get harmed when in contact with water.


Zinc is a great option for budget-friendly bathroom renovations as it usually costs less than brass. However, the problem with zinc is, you may need to replace it more often because when contact with water, they get corrode and damaged.

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