8 Crucial Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet

They say that your home tells a lot about your personality, preferences, taste, and financial status. A luxurious centerpiece and lavish L-shaped sofa set offer a small glimpse of your financial happiness. But the fact is, buying expensive things does not always translate to your refined taste. 

Well, the same applies to your kitchen. A well-organized kitchen space equipped with gorgeous tiles, backsplash, and sleek cabinets just tell how much you love to spend. But what about the faucet type which is mainly the basic accessory of your kitchen? Without it, your kitchen is incomplete and can never function well.

So, what are your preferences when choosing the right kitchen faucet? Do you prefer its appearance? Color? Shape? Size? Or all of them? 

Well, we know it’s quite tricky to focus on each element. If you love the shape, you will be worried about its color, and then consider the right size. There are tons of elements you want to check before buying. But what happens when you still choose the wrong faucet after spending hours in research?

Don’t worry. This happens with many homeowners today and the reason is, they are not fully aware of the things that can play an important role. So, let’s find out some vital tips highlighted by KibiUSA experts and check what they suggest to you for buying the right faucet.

Do Not Go for the Looks Always

We usually hear from people that looks are not everything. And that’s true in the case of faucets as well. We have seen many people who choose faucets based on their overall beauty and appearance- which is probably a big mistake.

Well, yes looks are important but not a deciding factor of course. You can enjoy its looks while compromising on its functionality, convenience, and other factors.
Your good-looking faucet isn’t something magical that draws out water so swiftly out of thin air. It is connected with your sink and different elements. That’s the reason, you shouldn’t buy it due to its impressive looks but also check other connective elements. Inspect the area where it is going to install, check its overall size, and also note the existing design of your kitchen.
It’s better to get the advice of manufacturers and other designers as they can suggest to you well about the things that can play a crucial role for a well-functioned faucet.

Make Sure You Consider Other Faucet Specs

Before you choose a faucet, make sure you consider these specs as well.

  • Wall-mounted:

     This is the most important setup that is getting popular again. If you want to establish a “wow” factor in your bathroom and make it look more appealing than others in the neighborhood, then it’s time to upgrade your sink and opt for a wall-mounted faucet.

  • Hands-free faucets:

    You might have heard about this faucet type as well. This is very convenient, comfortable, and easy to clean. This faucet type comes with high-quality motion sensors that help activate the flow of water. Models available with such activators on the front are probably the right options. If it is hidden beneath somewhere, then you may feel difficulty in activating as your hands will be already full. 

  • Single handle:

     Now this is the most common type you may find in every home. Single handle faucets are much easier to handle than multiple handle types. These faucets take less space as well as offer a hassle-free temperature adjustment.

Choose from the Different Faucet Types Carefully

In the market, you will find four common types of faucets that every home prefers to use: The three types such as Ball, Disc, and Cartridge are usually available with any typical rubber or neoprene washer. 
However, a compression Faucet is the oldest and the basic washer faucet. These faucets have very amazing design varieties as well as valuable appearance and functionality. But they demand different care, support, maintenance, and repair.
Let’s learn each of them more carefully:

  • Compression Faucets:

Compression faucets have been around for decades. You may find them in old buildings and houses. People use them because they are easy to handle and available at low costs. However, they are prone to certain damages and leaks, thus, you may need frequent maintenance.

  • Ball Faucets:

Ball faucets are also commonly used in kitchens. You will find that the single handle of these faucets is attached to a ball joint with the help of a set screw. These are some of the very unique kinds of washer-less faucets introduced in the market, but they are also more prone to leakage than other faucet types.

  • Cartridge Faucets:

You might feel difficulty in distinguishing them from double handle compression washers. You can also know the cartridge faucets by the feel of their handle type. When you compare them with compression washers, you shouldn’t exert any pressure in turning this faucet off, its action will be fast, smooth, and consistent. You can either find a single or a double handle cartridge faucet.

  • Disc Faucet:

Among all the types we mentioned, disc faucets are comparatively the latest and most innovative development in faucets. They were made popular by luxe European manufacturers and then introduced in the US market by Kohler and different manufacturers. 
These faucets are available with a pressure balance cartridge which is responsible to mix hot and cold water, and also feature two ceramic disks that help control the overall volume of water. When you rotate the handles on each side, it will quickly control the water temperature.

Do Not Forget to Match the Faucet with Cabinets

There are hundreds of unique, specialized, and decorative finishes available out there, be sure to match your faucets with the knobs, hardware, drawer pulls, and towel bars of your kitchen. Mismatched designs and colors are definitely a big eyesore and they simply make your kitchen appear dull, outdated, and cluttered.
However, if you are thinking to update your cabinet hardware then it’s better to take the advantage of some beautiful yet low maintenance finishes such as the basic chrome, and ever-stylish bronze and gold-tone. These finishes can simply transform your less appealing area into a fully- fashionable one. 
Polished brass may be a bit expensive but it will be quite easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, it also complements overall fixtures and accessories.

Better to Go with Ceramic Valves

If you want the faucet that always drips and causes leakage, then it’s recommended to choose the ceramic valves. Different kinds of valves are generally drip-free for years, but still, they couldn’t match the durability and reliability of ceramic valves.
Faucets that feature ceramic valves are not expensive. In fact, they cost the same as other faucet types.

Check out the Height and Reach of Spout

You have often seen that faucet spouts always vary in height and reach. So, most people choose the one that looks appropriate based on its appearance. However, if your shelf is above the sink, then you may not need a tall spout.
If you have a three-bowl kitchen sink, then a spout that has a very short reach wouldn’t extend to all these three bowls. And a bath faucet that contains a very short reach would ultimately cause you to slop water behind your spout area while you wash hands or vegetables.
So, it’s always recommended to check the height and reach before deciding on your faucet.

Single Handle Faucets are More Convenient

What’s your choice when it comes to single or dual-handle faucets? 
We have seen that two-handle faucets look very stylish and comfortable and they suit almost every bathroom style. Especially if you have a traditional one, it looks exceptionally cool and fashionable.
But do you know what? Two-handle faucets are not good in practicality and functionality. They do not offer the advantages single-handle faucets provide. Single handle faucets are affordable, more convenient, and very easy to use choice. Their water temperature adjustment is simpler and they have just one handle to deal with, unlike two handles.

Check the Holes in Your Sink

If you are planning to switch from two-handle faucets to one, then you should also think about the number of holes in your sink.
You will find that most sinks have three holes. One hole is specific for a hot handle, a second hole for the cold, and there is one hole under the spout. 
Many single-handle faucets also feature a plate that is responsible for hiding the extra holes. However, some faucets do not have that. So, before you buy, better to check the label. If you are using a “widespread” faucet that has two handles and is far from the spout, it’s not possible to switch to a single handle.


Faucets are undoubtedly the most important accessory in your kitchen. Without a functional faucet, you cannot do anything, and that’s exactly the reason, you need to consider the above factors while buying a faucet for your kitchen. So, if you are looking to buy the one, read the article twice and follow the tips carefully.