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Are Fireclay Sinks Any Good? A Detailed Review You’ve Been waiting For

Are Fireclay Sinks Any Good? A Detailed Review You’ve Been waiting For

According to recent research, people spend thousands of dollars on home renovations every year. Whether you are redesigning your living room or updating the look of your bathroom, you always pay heed to different tips and suggestions that prove helpful in renovations.

When it comes to home remodeling, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your house that probably needs much attention. It’s a room where you spend most of your time (if you cook more often), so it always makes sense to ensure its structure and functionality are according to your preference.

So, if you are thinking about kitchen remodeling, but couldn’t decide what sink type is best for your needs; then probably a fireclay sink is the best option to choose.

Despite all the debate, fireclay kitchen sinks are always an ideal solution. It has a lot of distinctive features that offer a unique look to your kitchen interiors as well as give more value to your home.

If you are still confused and asking yourself that, are fireclay sinks any good? What are their pros and cons? Then do not worry, here is a detailed review performed by KibiUSA experts that unleash all the elements regarding fireclay kitchen sinks.

Fireclay sinks are easy to maintain

Well, there could be some issues regarding staining, spotting, or scratching with fireclay sinks, but their maintenance and cleaning are still easy and manageable. It contains a non-porous surface, due to which stains struggle to take some hold on the surface.

However, if something creates a problem, you can gently wipe it down or rinse it with water. Make sure you choose non-abrasive cleaners for the sink and do not use any steel wool. When you follow the best practices, you will have a sink of superior quality that will last for years.

Resistant to extreme heat

Another best advantage is, every fireclay sink is manufactured with high-quality materials that are super resistant to extreme heat and temperature as compared to traditional sink types.

While we know that it’s not a good practice to place hot dishes and pots on your sink directly as it damages the finish, but fireclay materials are originally made for this element. They withstand a good amount of heat and do not cause any damage to the material or color.

They are extremely durable

As mentioned above, fireclay material is one of the most durable that can withstand virtually anything. Since it’s extremely durable, we bet you will spend less time worrying about their repair or replacement and more time enjoying its features and functionality.

What are fireclay sinks?

Before we proceed further and get down to the nitty-gritty of the details, let’s find out what is a fireclay sink? If you have never used that before, you might want to know what makes it special.

So, a fireclay sink is basically a popular type of ceramic sink. These types of sinks are not usually carved, but they are molded at extreme temperatures. The high firing temperature molds the clay until it creates a perfect ceramic sink, which is also known as a front apron sink. This is a high-quality sink material that virtually works for any type of kitchen.

Is a fireclay sink a durable option?

People who never used fireclay sinks often wonder if fireclay sinks are a durable option. Well, yes! It’s no surprise that fireclay sinks are extremely durable and long-lasting solutions for every home.

Fireclay sinks are basically coated with extremely resistant glaze. It makes the sink scratch, heat, chip, and dent resistant. We know that there is nothing worse than getting an expensive fireclay sink and noticing scratches on the material right after buying and using it for a couple of days.

When you buy a fireclay sink, you don’t need to worry about leaving dents, marks, or scratches while washing knives or other sharp objects. You don’t even have to panic if you accidentally throw a heavy dish into the sink. The reason is, they are excellent in durability and reliability.

The best part is fireclay sinks do not get discolored. They do not even get any rust or go fade. No matter how many times you wash or use a fireclay sink, it will still look the same as the first time you bought it.

Always remember that kitchen remodeling is pricey especially if you are taking proper care of your items. So, it’s recommended to invest in a durable and long-lasting fireclay sink that is best in form and functionality.

Well, yes there are lots of other kitchen sink materials available in the market, but their costs of repairing are actually more than your initial investment.

Fireclay kitchen sinks also suit well to any kitchen type, they also look similar to cast iron sinks but when it comes to durability, nothing can beat a fireclay material type.

Some positive points we love about fireclay sinks

There are lots of positive elements we love about fireclay sinks, such as their elegance and sophistication are some of the common attributes we can’t stop adoring. Let’s have a look at some more factors that make them special among other sink types.

It doesn’t take up enough space in your kitchen

This is another incredible feature of fireclay sinks. You are required to measure the inside area of the base cabinet. After that, subtract three inches so you can determine the maximum sink size and know whether it can support your current setup. For example, if your base cabinet is 37-inches, it might hold up to a 34-inch fireclay sink.

However, there are two most common sizes: 24 inches and 36 inches.

But there are other sizes available as well that can be handcrafted by reliable manufacturers of KibiUSA.

Although as long as you need a sink of more than 40 inches, you can use design with the current kitchen setup.

They have reversible design features

Yes, that’s true. Now you can get an advantage of two amazing looks because they have reversible design features.

This reversible design element can enhance the look of your overall kitchen interiors. The kitchen sink is finished on all four sides. You can get a smooth or fluted side just to take your decoration to the next level.

Many models also allow you to use squared or rounded corners displayed in the outward direction. However, you need to pay a bit high for this element in your product.

Are there any downsides too?

There are no significant downsides of fireclay sinks other than costs and heavy structure.

They are a bit pricey?

When you compare them with traditional sinks, you may find that fireclay sinks are a bit more pricey. Since they are exceptionally durable and excellent in performance, you will need to pay some extra bucks, however, these are not “extra” in a sense as you could also save high on traditional sink repair and maintenance.

When you choose reliable manufacturers for fireclay sinks, you could even save tons of money as they offer deals and discounts.

They are heavier

According to many people, there is a downside to the fireclay sink. They are heavier than traditional ones. If you want to install them, make sure you have a sturdy as well as a strong area for proper adjustment.

This means if they have extra weight, there will be more stability, reliability, and durability, too. So, this is not a major issue when it comes to purchasing a fireclay sink that can bring joy to your kitchen with its looks and functionality.

Our Best Picks

Here are some of our best picks that are probably a great investment for your kitchen.

18″ Fireclay Undermounted Kitchen Sink Cubic Series

This 18″ Fireclay Undermounted Kitchen Sink Cubic Series is one of the best fireclay sinks available that offers durability, elegance, beauty, and functionality. It features high-quality glazing technology that prevents staining. It also contains a non-porous surface that prevents discoloration or fading.

If you want to make a lasting impression, this is probably the best choice to consider.

19″ Round Fireclay Undermounted Kitchen Sink Crater Series

Our other favorite pick is this 19″ Round Fireclay Undermounted Kitchen Sink Crater Series that is crafted from sound-dampening materials to minimize any sound and vibration. It also has a non-porous surface that is responsible to prevent discoloration and fading.


There are lots of fireclay kitchen sinks available in different sizes and styles that can make a perfect addition to your kitchen. Just visit the website and explore the ones that could play a significant role in your kitchen remodeling.

Because when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, you have to be very careful in choosing the right interiors as it’s going to be a lifelong investment for your home and you shouldn’t end up wasting tons of money on sinks that are easily scratchable.

Make your kitchen a zone of comfort and inspiration so when you come home after a tiring day, a gorgeous fireclay sink makes things easy for you!