Changing Bathroom Sink Faucet? Here’s What You Need to Know

Changing Bathroom Sink Faucet? Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether you are experiencing a leak or just want to make some changes to elevate the space, the installation of a new faucet can bring a dramatic transformation to your overall space. Not only that, but it is also an affordable upgrade that can increase the value of your home and make your bathroom or kitchen look extra attractive. 

Moreover, these kinds of small home renovations can prevent potential plumbing damages as well as increase the efficiency of your home. Especially if your old and outdated sink faucet is causing dripping and leaking, then changing the bathroom sink faucet is an essential step to consider today. 

An interesting part is this is the easiest home renovation project you can easily take on without any professional assistance. 

So, if you are also planning to change your bathroom sink faucet but couldn’t find any help regarding this matter, then don’t worry, you don’t need any special plumbing skills or complicated knowledge. Read this article till the end, and you can easily do it yourself within minutes. We are sure that this is going to be the most interesting task for you.

How to Choose New Faucets for Your Bathroom?

Before you rush to a hardware store to buy a new faucet, it is recommended to check your faucet carefully and decide what type would be best. To make sure that you are buying a faucet that suits your sink, figure out the number of holes your sink has. Also, check whether your faucet is a center-set or widespread. It must have one or three holes in it.

It is also important to check if the existing faucet is installed over the countertop or connected to the sink. By doing this, you can easily get the right fixture according to the sink type you own. If you are in doubt and couldn’t understand the design, take a couple of pictures of your sink and its holes, so you can show it to the hardware store and get the right parts.

Once you identify what type of sink faucet you own, do not forget to check the label of the Environmental Protection Agency. When you have these efficient products, you can save more water and money. Based on the EPA guidelines, when you replace your old faucets with Water Sense models, you can save an average of 700 gallons of water every year.

What Tools and Materials Do You Need?

Gathering essential tools and materials is probably the first step in every home improvement project. You should have complete knowledge about your faucet and the tools you need to replace it.

However, when it comes to changing your bathroom faucet, you don’t need some special equipment. Thus, it’s important to ensure that you already have these tools in place:

  • Basin wrench
  • Plastic bucket
  • Putty knife or trowel
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Hex wrench

You should also have these materials with you:

  • Bathroom faucet based on your needs
  • Supply lines
  • Silicone caulk 

Let’s Get Started with Changing Your Bathroom Faucets

If you want to change your old faucet, it’s important to remove it by following these simple steps:

  • Turn off the water supply lines

This is the first step involved in removing your old faucet. Find the valves under the sink. If you couldn’t find it, make sure you cut off the water supply from the main valve. Now you need to turn on the faucet and relieve all the water left in the lines.

  • Avoid Disconnect water lines

After that, you need to work with an adjustable wrench so you can loose and remove the water supply line from the valves as well as the lower portion of the faucet. Drain all the remaining water into the tub or a bucket.

  • Remove the hardware

Loosen and remove the nuts that hold the faucet in place with a wrench. Now you can detach the faucet and clean any grime from the sink surface.

How to Change Your Bathroom Faucet?

If you are planning to change your bathroom faucet, then it’s better to follow the instructions of your manufacturer that are specific according to its design and size. The steps and procedure could differ according to the type of your faucet.

Here’s how you can change your bathroom faucet.

  • Gasket Installation

Place it – or the trim ring – onto the holes of your faucet. Now set the deck plate if it has one. After that, you need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer and check if you need to use caulk in this step.

  • Tighten the Nuts

In the second step, you need to tighten all the mounting nuts so you can keep your faucet secure and well-adjusted to its place.

  • Reconnect water lines

In this step, you also need to ensure that you do not overtighten the entire connection. At KibiUSA, our experts recommend wrapping silicone caulk or plumber’s tape as it is a great precautionary measure.

  • Check the Faucet

In the last step, it’s time to turn on the water supply and check carefully while running both hot and cold water for 1-2 minutes. Make sure there are no leaks and dripping and tighten the connection more for further security and protection.

Once you are done installing your new faucet, you can finish the project by deep cleaning the faucets with different products. By doing this, everything will be fresh, beautiful, and smell great. 

In case your project doesn’t go well, and you make any damages, then you need to call the experts and ask for help. 

When Should You Change Your Bathroom Faucets?

If your bathroom has a single-handle faucet that helps control the supply of cold and hot water and you are noticing some unnecessary leaking from the stem, then it is a signal that this is the right time to replace the faucet. Because it is creating an improper mixing of cold and hot water and you cannot use it properly. 

Now you can experience the same issue with double handle or multi-handle faucet types, which you can fix easily by paying $40 or more, but if the issue is related to cartridges, then it may cost as much as $200 especially if you have a stylish faucet. Moreover, you will also need the help and guidelines of manufacturers.

According to experts, the average lifespan of your bathroom faucet is not more than 8 years. Especially when you experience any leakage from the stems then it’s a clear signal that your faucet is going to disrupt the everyday functioning and you immediately need to replace it.

Another important element to consider is, how often you need to change the O-rings of your bathroom faucet. If you are changing it frequently, it means you need to update your bathroom fixture sooner.

Where to Buy the Best Bathroom Faucets?

Now you must be wondering which is the best place to buy the new bathroom faucet that looks beautiful, stable, and durable.

Well, there are plenty of places and online brands that can help provide modern and functional faucets based on your needs. but if you want to go the extra mile and make wise investments, then it’s better to go for KibiUSA as they have an extensive range of bathroom faucets for every need and budget.

Whether you want to choose vessel faucets, basins, or widespread faucets, there is a great collection available according to your needs and bathroom interior.

Not only that, but you can also choose from several materials such as brushed nickel, chrome, rose gold, and many others. All the faucets have solid brass construction and are made of lead-free materials that are better for healthy use.

Let’s Invest in the Nice Faucet that Lasts for Years

Every bathroom renovation project must involve the changing and updating of the old bathroom faucet that is either leaking or not working smoothly. Therefore, homeowners plan to switch to a more functional and stylish option that lasts for years. 

That’s the reason, it’s important to switch to a style that matches your other bathroom interiors and sink’s style. Because if your new sink is not according to the old counters and other interiors then it will spoil the entire look of your bathroom.

Many people also prefer to switch from a traditional option to a high-end washbowl, this means your faucet itself should be a bit taller. Or if you want three or more faucets for a more functional and stylish look, then you need to give the custom design option to your manufacturer. 

Thus, our professionals always recommend you invest in a nice and long-lasting sink that looks durable, strong, and incredible. Whatever sink you are choosing, make sure you are considering other options as well, and always rely on a trustable brand that has a proven track record of providing durable products.

KibiUSA is the right option in this regard, as the experts are qualified enough in providing the right bathroom faucet that is made of high-quality materials and finishes. Visit the website and choose from vast collections today.