Fireclay vs Cast Iron Sink- What Should You Buy?

Fireclay vs Cast Iron Sink- What Should You Buy?

We all agree with the fact that the kitchen is the heart of our homes. It’s a place where we cook scrumptious dishes for our family and enjoy hot steaming cups of coffee with kids and other family members. It’s also a place where we spend most of the time cooking, cleaning, chatting, and of course, making memories.

Especially when it comes to cleaning, we all know that we have to spend a large portion of our time at kitchen sinks- washing, cleaning, and cutting vegetables.

So, when you have that essential feature which is the center of attraction in your kitchen, why not make sure that your sink looks good, durable, and strong?

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best sinks for your kitchen, you cannot pick any option randomly. It’s important to do your homework. You should consider the overall style, theme, color, and other interiors of your kitchen.

In this search between finding a good sink that lasts for years, many people get confused between the two excellent options. Fireclay sinks and cast-iron sinks- due to their almost similar looks. These two sinks are extremely popular options as well, that’s why most people prefer to choose them for the extraordinary look of their kitchen. But before choosing any of them, do you know what are the differences between fireclay and cast-iron sinks? What are their benefits? And what makes them special? 

If you are not sure, this article is for you. Here we have highlighted some incredible differences and benefits of these sink types so you can decide easily before buying.

What is Cast Iron Sink?

Before we discuss the differences between cast iron and fireclay sinks, it’s time to learn their definition so that you could understand the differences properly.

Cast iron is one of the most useful materials that is also been used in making different cookware and also exists in lots of kitchen tools. It is basically an alloy of iron & carbon. This means the material is actually a mixture of these elements. These two materials are heavy and rugged which means your sink will last for decades. 

The enamel coating of the cast iron sink can be customized in different colors. You can customize it according to your choice. Remember, you can only choose the colors for customization, but cannot change the overall style of your sink.

This enamel coating also has great stain resistance. The material never stains the way other regular sinks do.

Benefits of Fireclay Sinks:

  • Highly customizable solution
  • Extremely durable
  • Stylish and luxury appearance
  • Need no care and maintenance

Fireclay vs. Cast Iron: Major Differences

Now that you understand the basic things about fireclay and cast-iron sinks, it’s time to learn some important differences between them.

  • Prices:

If you are a budget-conscious person, you must be thinking about the price difference between fireclay and cast-iron sinks.

Well, fireclay is comparatively light in weight as well as easy to install. Due to these reasons, fireclay sinks are probably the most economical solution. Moreover, you don’t need to spend exorbitant amounts on its care & maintenance. These sinks last for years and even decades.

The only thing you need to do is, keep the sink wiped clean every single day to retain its actual shine and look. You don’t need to spend anything to maintain its look, just wipe it with a clean cloth and you are done.

So, when it comes to pricing, we must say that cast iron is a more affordable choice. Though the prices vary depending on the size and model. According to a rough estimate, the prices of cast iron sinks range between $300-$700. You can buy some cast iron sinks for $200 as well if the brand offers any discounts or deals.

What’s the pricing of fireclay sinks? Well, they are a bit more expensive than cast iron. The reason is, they go through a very complicated manufacturing process, so they are more costly. According to an estimate, their prices usually start from $600 as compared to cast iron sinks. Their prices can even cross $1000 depending on their sizes, colors, and overall capacity.

That’s the reason, people tend to choose cast iron sinks as they are more affordable for every budget.

  • What’s more durable?

Let’s talk about their durability- which is definitely the most important concern for most people.

The durability factor of cast iron is quite popular. This workhorse material is strong enough to hold up under the weight of the sink which is full of heavy dishes and cookware. 

However, the fireclay sink is still the winner because of its long-term usability and durability.

After years of use, your sturdy cast iron sink may show some signs of use. Your fireclay sink could do the same, but it is still an ideal choice as its resistant to scratches, breaks, dents, and all kinds of damages. 

But in case of slight damage, the material underneath will be visible which is in the same color, so the damages are not much noticeable.

  • Installation:

Cast iron sinks are quite durable, due to which they are much heavier which makes them difficult to install. You always need professional help to install these kinds of sinks.

Fireclay sinks are comparatively lighter in weight, which means they are easy to handle and install. They also don’t require any kind of undermount support like a cast iron sink. Though they have the same models and installation techniques. Yes, they are light in weight, you still need professional assistance for careful installation; because when you do it by yourself, then chances are you may cause any damage to the sink or lose control while handling its counterparts.

  • What About Maintenance?

It’s recommended to not use abrasive cleaners as well as different harsh tools while cleaning your fireclay or cast-iron sinks. However, you might be surprised to know that your cast iron sink has lots of maintenance requirements than fireclay sinks.

Any time the sinks get scratches or dents, they will be visible because of the distinct iron color. And then, you will be more cautious while using the cast iron sink. In fact, you will buy different repair kits, sandpaper, and various DIY tools that can somehow help you in maintaining the sink to its original condition.

But in the case of fireclay sinks, you don’t need to do any special maintenance. As long as you are cleaning it with a cloth every day, your sink will be in perfect condition. You can use some cleaners to give it more shine or luster, but it will still look good without any special maintenance.

  • Customization:

Do you want a sink that looks as beautiful as the bold red paint on your kitchen walls? If yes, you can do it with a fireclay sink.

Because your fireclay sinks are not only limited to the traditional white porcelain enamel like a cast iron sink. Rather than seeing them in white colors, you can customize the sinks in different beautiful shades ranging from blue, to green, and creamy to brownish.

This looks extremely attractive when you match the color with your other decorations and interiors.

So, if you want to give your kitchen a luxurious, classy, and colorful look, a fireclay sink in customized colors is probably an ideal option to consider.

What Should You Buy?

After analyzing the differences between fireclay and cast-iron sinks, you must be thinking about the best option to choose. Both sinks are extremely good to consider as they give a beautiful touch to your overall interior. So, it’s just based on your preferences. If you want to buy cast iron sinks, it’s important to maintain their original looks, and if you want to choose fireclay sinks, then be mindful of their expensive costs.

Fireclay and cast-iron sinks are the most sought-after amenities for every kitchen. Especially when you rely on a brand like KibiUSA for buying these statement pieces, you can surely maintain the perfect appearance of your kitchen. No matter what sink you choose, the professionals offer the best value for your money. Visit the website before making your final choice so you could find the best sink for your kitchen.