How to Clean a Fireclay Sink?

How to Clean a Fireclay Sink?

Fireclay kitchen sinks are one of the sought-after additions in your house due to their timeless, beautiful, and elegant appearance. Not only that, but they are also durable and last long.

Fireclay is basically a type of sink that homeowners widely use due to its strength and durability as well as the high threshold for heat. The sink is made by mixing glaze and clay. And after that, firing them at the aggressive temperatures. 

Also remember, that fireclay sinks are not carved. But they are molded. When the molded clay is present in your desired style and gets dried, then manufacturers apply porcelain enamel. After that, it is again heated in a kiln. Now due to their extreme temperatures, the ceramic material and the enamel gets fused, and create an absolute strong body.

Fireclay sinks are also one of the most cost-effective options loved by every homeowner today. Since these sinks do not rust or get any stains, you can clean them easily without spending hours. Another element that makes them a favorite choice of everyone is, they can be molded to your desired shape and size- which also sets them apart from other sink types. Because with other sinks, like cast iron, you have to be very limited with what your manufacturers build.

These sinks are also ideal for high kitchen traffic. And their cleaning and maintenance are not different from other sink types. Have a look at a few ways to clean your fireclay sink.

Clean Your Sink Frequently:

Dirt, grime, and other harmful particles badly destroy the looks and appearance of your sink. That’s the reason, it’s important to clean them frequently. Use dish soap and then rub all the collected dirt particles away. After that, rinse it with lukewarm water. Fireclay sinks never need some special cleaning, so you can simply use any kind of dish soap.

If you want to keep your fireclay sink brand new, then the key is- clean it every day but in a gentle way. Instead of waiting for dirt and grime to collect, wipe your sink every day and clear all the dirt right away. For bad and stubborn stains, it’s also recommended to use baking soda and then rub it to the stains with a sponge. For oily spots, watermarks, and tough grease stains, you can also use any high-quality cleaner that will make the sink look new and shiny. 

However, if you are failed to clean stubborn stains, then you can also choose vinegar. Soak a soft paper towel in white vinegar and keep it sit overnight to get complete stain removal. If you want to prevent water spots, it is advised to wipe the bottom of your sink and make it dry after every use.

Avoid Using Abrasive Chemicals:

There are lots of cleaning substances and chemicals that shouldn’t be used on fireclay sinks as they can cause great damage to the finish and overall material. Some of these chemicals or substances include:

  • Scouring powder 
  • Different steel cleaners
  • And concentrated drain cleaners

However, the important element to note is, you should be very gentle with your fireclay sink. Due to the non-porous surface of the material, these sinks never require any special care or heavy-duty maintenance.

Wax Your Fireclay Sink:

Here’s another easy thing you can do to keep your fireclay sink clean- simply wax it. It’s not a difficult job and anyone can do it. 

Apply a layer of liquid wax to your basic only once a month. If the wax isn’t available with any applicator, then consider using a soft cloth that is perfectly cleaned.

Make sure you use wax when your sink is fully dried. After applying wax, let it dry before using your sink again. Due to the wax, all the substances and residues will flow down the drain smoothly. This makes it easy to clean up as you will not have any kind of stubborn food waste attached to any side of your sink. 

What to Do If the Sink Got Damaged?

Many people prefer using fireclay sinks as these are easy to install and you don’t have to take care of them like other sinks. Although, your sink may experience some accidental damage.

For example, if your sink appears to have dents, marks, or any scratches, it’s due to the stubborn residue from any substance or remaining residue and not a real scratch. Because sometimes we cannot see it but metal scrapes off of silverware and leave some marks that exactly look like a scratch. But you can easily remove it by using a scrubbing brush as well as applying some pressure. If that doesn’t work for you, then it’s better to consider metal polish.

We have seen people try to test their sink by hitting it with any hard object, and surprisingly no damage occurred to the sink, but that won’t happen until you use the hammer and hit it with its claw side, which can obviously cause serious damages and dents. This shows the strength and durability of your fireclay sink. However, the fireclay sinks are tough and made of chip-resistant material, so some damage can occur and damage the look of your sink.

In case you find a chip or dent, it’s recommended to get a repair kit as it can quickly solve the problem. Even if the problem is not solved immediately, the chip will not be visible on the sink. But if other materials like cast iron sinks get damaged, you can easily see where the chip or dent is happening.

Ending Thoughts:

Fireclay sinks are quite popular due to their elegant appearance and timeless beauty. They are extremely durable, and you don’t have to take special care of these sinks. 

However, if you want to maintain their clean, healthy, and beautiful look, then it’s recommended to apply the above methods so they can look lustrous and clean. So, if you are planning to buy fireclay sinks, then check out our collection of fireclay sinks here and get the one that suits your needs and budget.