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How to Install Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser?

How to Install Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser?

If you are tired of keeping liquid soap bottles by your kitchen sink that just clutters up your countertop, then you really need to install a built-in kitchen sink soap dispenser. 

We understand that it might sound daunting because many people don’t know if they could do it without any professional help or if the project is easier and can be managed on the first attempt or not.

But the good news is, the project is much easier than you think. When you will know the steps of installation, we bet you would wish that you had done it sooner. Now many people must be thinking that why should we use a kitchen sink soap dispenser in the first place when we already have a hand soap dish that can be placed anywhere around the sink?

Well, if you want to make your kitchen look fancy and more organized, then trust us, installing a soap dispenser is an excellent idea. It’s a handy alternative available in a myriad of styles, designs, and colors based on your preferences and budget. In fact, many faucet kits are available with matching soap dispensers.

Installation of kitchen sink soap dispensers is a very easy project, and you might not need any professional help. Especially if your kitchen sink has an extra hole in it, then you can easily do it. But if there is no opening in the sink, then you might need to drill another opening in your sink so you can mount a soap dispenser.

So, if you are curious to know the whole process, let’s continue with this guide. Here we have explained how to install a kitchen sink soap dispenser, so if you are a newbie and have never done this before, then this may prove helpful for you!

How Do Kitchen Sink Soap Dispensers Work?

Before moving to the installation process, let’s answer the first question. How do kitchen sink soap dispensers work?

Kitchen sink soap dispensers are usually available in a bottle that serves as a small tank or a reservoir, and also have a pump on it. This container will have liquid soap in it. If you want to use the soap, you will need to press the pump gently downwards with your fingers. And the soap will come out from a dispenser. Soap dispensers are quite easy to use, and you can place them around the countertop or faucets.

They are an excellent addition to your kitchen. So, it’s always a good idea to have a built-in container that is full of soap, and you don’t have to refill it every time before using it. Besides offering convenience, these containers come in multiple styles and types so you can easily choose one that better complements your kitchen interior and sink. It’s preferable to match it with your kitchen countertop or sink.

How to Install Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser?

You can follow some easy steps to ensure a smooth installation of your kitchen sink soap dispenser.

  • Drill a hole around your sink:

First of all, you need to have a proper hole in your kitchen sink area where you can install the dispenser. If there is no hole, then it’s recommended to drill a prominent hole around your sink or on the countertop where we you easily fit the dispenser.

  • Check the design of your dispenser:

In the next step, you need to follow the design of your dispenser and check how it is assembled.

Most dispensers you see will have a proper base fixed to the pump, and you can easily remove them to fill the tank or a reservoir. Now the reservoir will be threaded under your sink. You will find a small mounting nut so you can adjust the dispenser in its place with the rubber washer. After that, set the pump in that hold you have drilled in the sink.

  • Thread the nut:

In the third step, you need to use a mounting nut or gasket so you can attach the soap reservoir beneath your sink area. First, you will need to rotate it, and then tighten it with your hands. In the next step, you need to use a wrench so you can thread the nut into its place.

  • Place the bottle on the hole of your sink:

Now that you have managed all the steps. So, it’s time to place the bottle on the hole that you have created on the sink. Make sure you tighten it with your hand and then adjust it securely in the hole. In the end, put the pump into that hold of a reservoir.

Why Should You Choose an Automatic Soap Dispenser?

Automatic soap dispensers always feature built-in motion sensors. You put your hand under the dispenser, then the soap will automatically come out without requiring you to touch the dispenser or a soap. This is also called a contactless method and is usually installed in malls, hotels, and hospitals.

If you want to follow a more hygienic way of using soap, then this is the most recommended method to consider, that’s why big malls and hospitals use the same method to avoid the spread of germs. 

Since you don’t need to touch the soap or a pump, there are no chances that you transfer any kind of germs with your hands to the dispenser or a soap. You will find these kinds of dispensers in big commercial shops and public places as well.

Another fact about these dispensers is, they look fancy, organized, and more stylish in your bathroom. However, they are a bit expensive than the regular dispensers you use in your kitchen.

Though this new, stylish, and techy dispenser is quite easy and fun to use, unfortunately, that has a few downsides as well. These soap dispensers also feature a battery that can run out within hours after frequent use. So, you will always need to change the battery which adds up to the additional expenses.

Some Benefits and Drawbacks of Kitchen Sink Dispensers:

Well, kitchen sink soap dispensers make your kitchen look stylish and fancy, and work as an ideal kitchen fitting that makes the everyday job easier. So, let’s get to know some top benefits and drawbacks associated with these kitchen dispensers.

  • Your sink looks more organized, beautiful, and clean. You don’t have to worry about storing your dish soap anywhere else when you already have a dispenser for it.
  • When you fill the bottle to the top, it will last long for months. This means you don’t need to refill it every day or a week.
  • It adds great style and elegance to your overall kitchen interior. You can even choose from lots of colors, styles, and designs.
  • You will get the required amount of soap from the dispenser and there will be no mess. 
  • These types of built-in soap dispensers are extremely reliable and durable. You don’t even need to replace the bottle as it will run for years.

Are there any drawbacks too?

Well, there are no significant drawbacks of installing these soap dispensers, though there are a few concerns that people shared.

  • You need to drill a hole in the sink. But we recommend using a faucet that is already available with a hole, so you don’t have to drill it.
  • If the dispenser is not installed properly, the soap and water may come out and create a mess. So, it’s recommended to follow the above steps carefully.
  • Once installed, it’s not possible to change their position.

So, Should You Invest in a Built-in Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser?

After knowing the whole process and benefits of a soap dispenser, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to use it or not?

Well, we believe that using a built-in soap dispenser is always a great idea. These types of dispensers are extremely convenient, look cool, and are a clean alternative to those messy soap holders you knock out every day. You don’t need to worry about the soap running out every couple of weeks, because their reservoir is big enough to contain a soap for long. 

Its filling system is quite easy to use. You don’t have to follow any complicated method for it. Above all, its installation process is extremely user-friendly which can be done by any beginner as well. You don’t have to waste hours on its installation, as the process is easy and simple. 

It’s also possible to adjust the position of your soap dispenser the way you want, you can either install it closer to the faucet or a little away from it. 

Ending Thoughts:

A kitchen sink soap dispenser is a great idea for those who are tired of using hand dish soaps that run out quickly. Especially if you want to make your kitchen look stylish and a more organized place for handling everyday tasks, then you should consider using it without giving a second thought. If you are wondering where to buy kitchen sink soap dispensers, then KibiUSA is here to help. From matching color to a perfect sized dispenser, you can get any type of soap dispenser as they are the trusted and reputable brand.

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