Single-Handle vs Double Handle Faucets – Pros and Cons

When you have to purchase the faucet for your kitchen or bathroom, you usually think of the two most durable, reliable, and trendy options called single handle and double handle faucet types. Both of these options have the same purpose and functionality – control the flow of water. 

But what’s the best option between the two is certainly a most difficult question to answer. Each faucet type features different benefits and pros & cons. According to your need, kitchen style, and budget, you can choose any option for good results.

However, you need to do a small research before choosing any option so you can make the most of it. Here at KibiUSA, we have mentioned some pros and cons of both types so you can decide which you need the most for your kitchen needs.

Pros and Cons of Single Handle Faucets:

As many people consider single-handle faucets for their homes in the US, so let’s find out which elements make them an ideal choice.

  • Easy to Install:

The biggest benefit to having a single-handle faucet is, that they are very easy to install. You don’t have to waste countless hours fixing three parts of the faucet as you do with a double handle faucet. It takes 30-45 minutes maximum in its installation.

  • Work for Both Small and Large Basins:

Whether you have a small basin in your kitchen or a large one, single-handle faucets work for both. They even work well in tiny spaces or corner sinks.

  • User-Friendly Choice:

One of the best pros of having a single-handle faucet is, that they are very user-friendly. You only need one hand to use them. So, in case you are in rush, or your hands are messy, you can easily operate them using your elbow. The best part is, that single-handle faucets are also an excellent choice for people who are suffering from any medical condition such as arthritis or other disabilities. 

A kid can easily use it if it’s installed in his bathroom, without calling someone else.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain:

Since single-handle faucets feature only one part, they have a few nooks and crannies, which makes them very easy to clean and maintain. You can simply use a soft cloth and wipe them every day. 

  • Good Design & Construction:

Their design and construction are very simple and attractive. Plus, they are also available in different styles and designs. 


Single handle faucets also have some cons due to which many people think twice before using them.

  • One of the big disadvantages of single-handle faucets is, that you need to turn off both valves of single-handle faucets when they start leaking. This means you cannot use water until your plumber comes and repairs the issue. If you do it yourself, you will need a sufficient amount of time and knowledge to do it.
  • Many people experience problems while adjusting their required water temperature. If its handle is too far, the water will quickly get hotter, making it dangerous for the elderly and kids.

If you need suggestions for buying the right single-handle faucets, we would recommend you to use a single-handle pull-down kitchen faucet as it’s very easy to use, and a single-handle high arc kitchen bar sink faucet which is also getting popular due to its exquisite design.

Pros and Cons of Double Handle Faucets:

Let’s move to the next choice – double handle faucets. Learn some pros and cons before making a final choice.

  • Add Charm and Style:

If you want to add charm and style to your kitchen, double-handle faucets are best to consider.

Double handle faucets look very elegant, and hence a timeless addition to your home. You can also get the double handle faucets with bronze or gold knobs in order to elevate their style and kitchen decoration instantly.

  • Customize the Temperature with Two Handles:

As the name implies, double-handle faucets feature two handles. One handle for controlling hot temperature, and the other for handling the hot one. This allows you to customize the temperature based on your needs. With double handle faucets, you cannot change the temperature suddenly if the handle is bumped as you do with a single handle faucet.

  • Available for Use If One Handle Leaks:

This is a great quality of double handle faucet. If one of the handles is damaged or leaking, you don’t have to wait for someone to fix it because you can use water from the other side. 

  • Unique Design and Construction:

Double handle faucets come with unique design & construction. Both of the handles are situated apart to look pleasing and work with almost every kitchen aesthetic.


Despite tons of amazing features of double-handle faucets, there are still some elements that make double handle faucets a less desired choice for people.

  • More likely to Damage:

Double handle faucets have two handles, which means they are more likely to break or be damaged as they have more internal parts.

  • Difficult to Clean:

Unlike single-handle faucets, they are difficult to clean. You need to clean both of the handles thoroughly to maintain them.

  • Expensive:

Some of the high-quality, latest and innovative design double handle faucets are very expensive, which is why people don’t choose them.

  • Not Ideal for Small Spaces:

If you have a small kitchen or bathroom space, double-handle faucets are not ideal. You need more room to install and use both handles.

So, what is the Best Choice for Your Needs?

Now that you understand the pros & cons of both types, it’s time to decide – single handle faucet or double handle faucet?

Well, there is no right answer to the question, because you can decide based on your choice, kitchen needs, and budget. If you have a small space, a limited budget, and a small family, then you can use single-handle faucets without a doubt. 

However, if you are not worried about your budget, and want some more extravagant choices for your big kitchen or bathroom, then we would recommend using double handle faucets.

Whatever faucet you choose, make sure you rely on professional companies and brands. KibiUSA is one of the most reliable companies that offer you an extensive range of single-handle faucets. Whether you want a high arc design or a simple pull-down single-handle faucet, every product is available in different designs, colors, and finishes. 

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