Towel bars, Rings, Hooks, or Racks? What Should You Choose?

So, you are planning to remodel your bathroom. How exciting, right? You have already spent hours on Google and Pinterest choosing a perfect spa-like retreat where you can relax. You have picked the right tiles, a perfect paint color, a king-sized bathtub, and gorgeous lighting. But what about the most important hardware towel bar? 

Do you have room to hang towels in your bathroom? Where you are going to organize towels to complete the shape of your bathroom? Are you planning to use towel bars? Rings? Hooks? Or racks? Suddenly, there comes plenty of choices in your mind, and you couldn’t decide what’s the right option to consider. 

Well, thankfully there is no one right answer for this question when it comes to choosing the right thing for towels. It’s simply based on your preferences and requirements. 

If that’s happening to you, then do not worry anymore! At KibiUSA, we are always here to give expert guidelines based on current trends and requirements. So have a look at these ideas and choose what’s the right hardware that can address all your needs. Here we have highlighted all the popular choices such as towel bars, rings, hooks, and racks so you can easily decide what goes well for you.

Think About the Number of People Use the Bathroom

First, you need to think about who is going to use the bathroom. Is your bathroom spacious and are there is a number of people who will be using it every day? Is that the main bathroom for a busy family? Or for couples? or just a guest bathroom that might be used twice or thrice in a month. 

After that, you need to evaluate the overall space you have in the bathroom. If your bathroom features a big separate tub as well as a shower area, then you may have enough space to keep towels separately. But if the bathroom is compact, and there is a combined shower and bathtub, then you can keep one towel bar somewhere you can easily reach.

Towel bars, Hooks, Racks, or Rings

Towels are the most essential accessory in every bathroom, which is why you need to install a proper place to hang towels. Sometimes they are beside your shower or bathtub. Towel bars, racks, and hooks are common in every home and useful in hanging towels. These racks and bars are available with plenty of amazing benefits and also look very stylish.

The best part is you can choose various materials and finishes that easily fit into every style of the bathroom. For example, a reliable towel holder can simply promote comfort, style, ease, and convenience. 

When you choose towel racks or bars, you need to select the most purposeful combination of usefulness, quality, aesthetics, and convenience.

So, let’s talk about all these accessories and find out which is the most useful one.

Towel Bars

Towel bars- One of the most common, useful, and stylish fixtures in your bathroom that can help you organize everything in a cooler manner. Towel bars can simply help you do your job wonderfully as well as they are simple pieces of furniture and decor. 

Towel bars are also available with a feature of heating if you prefer that route.

Heating is considered to be one of the most effective tools that your towel bar can utilize well. This will keep the towels dry, and above all, they will be clean and germ-free which makes them the most essential accessory over others. 

The more you concentrate on your bathroom’s cleanliness, the better you can maintain the health of every family member. Especially if multiple people are using your bathroom and the first thing they do is grab the towel, then it’s important to maintain its cleanliness. The cleaner your towels are, the healthier and happier you and your bathroom will be in the long run.

Now the next question comes to your mind is, where to put a towel bar in a small bathroom? And for that, two things should be focused on deeply.

The first thing is, your towel bar should be accessible and always in your reach. If you are standing in the shower, the next thing you would want is to grab the towel and dry your hair. But if it’s not in your reach, you would need to walk a few steps.  

Another thing is if your shower features a door, it’s most possible that it has a bar on the back. So, it won’t be an issue for you. But if that’s not your situation, then the towel bar should be near to the shower anywhere. It’s also best to include multiple towel bars. However, make sure at least one of them is accessible so you can easily grab the towel whenever you want.

Also remember, towel bars are available in different shapes. Some of the common ones are Cube, Abaco, Artist, Circular, Volcano.

Towel Hooks

Towel hooks are another great option to hang towels in your bathroom.  These are useful and convenient and do not take much space. And the best part is, if you don’t have enough room on the walls for towels, then you can simply install them on the backside of your door to save some space. 

You can directly mount the hooks on the door as well. The common way to do this is us a hook fixture that can be hungover on the top of your door.

Towel Rings

Towel rings are usually common for hand towels. However, you can use them for larger towels as well. You can install one towel ring next to the sink so you can easily choose a conveniently located towel near you. This is the most beautiful, comfortable, and easiest way to grab a towel both in terms of accessibility and convenience. 

Towel rings are typically ideal for smaller towels that we use for washing hands. 

Most bathroom designs you see may have a small basket specifically for a dry towel. When your towel gets wet, you need to put it into the laundry basket and then replace it with the dry one.

Rings are not only helpful, but they also look very stylish as well as graceful. This towel rings simultaneously add the best towel holding accessory. 

You can choose the finish and design based on your bathroom style. For example, a brass bathroom towel ring can beautifully complement the vintage bathroom design. While for a chrome-centered bathroom design, it’s possible to get something that matches the interior.

Towel Racks

Towel racks are similar in design to towel bars. However, they have some common differences as well. For example, the biggest difference is the number of bars. 

You will find that a towel rack may have a continuous series of bars instead of just one bar. If you want to hold different towels separately, then this type of rack works well. So instead of laying one towel on another, this type of rack is very useful in accommodating every towel separately. If you have multiple family members, each can hold his towel in a separate rack.

Now, these towel racks can either be vertical or horizontal depending on the type of rack you want or the overall space you have in the bathroom. These racks have different options and give you various ideas of adjustment as well.

Another option to consider is floor-standing towel racks. You can easily move them to your preferred location. It’s also possible to fold them and then store them somewhere in your closet or any other convenient location. 

These are much similar to towel bars, and you can also heat them for drying towels. You can enjoy the same benefits of cleaning and drying your bathroom towel. So, if you have many people using the same bathroom and every person has a separate towel then he can easily place them in different racks in one place.

Which is the Right Option for You?

You must be wondering which is the right option to choose.

Well, all the above options can hold your towels in different ways. So, we can understand that it’s hard to choose the right one. In some typical bathroom designs, you will see towel racks or rings as they are convenient and easy to install. But modern designs include towel bars and racks based on their interiors.

So, this actually depends on what style you prefer and what’s best according to your bathroom needs. Some homeowners prefer to choose all the styles as each method offers unique benefits. It’s better to think about the one option that you feel is comfortable and reliable.

Towel bars, rings, and racks can work effectively in different sizes of bathrooms. Some homeowners find an issue in incorporating a towel rack as they are comparatively bigger. But you can replace it with wall mounted towel rack or ring as they take less space. Especially if you have a small bathroom, then it is recommended to choose towel rings or hooks as they don’t take up enough space like towel racks.

For larger bathrooms, towel bars and racks are ideal solutions that look stylish as well. So whatever option you choose, make sure it aligns with your needs and fits your bathroom style.