What are the Basic Faucet Handle Types for Kitchen?

Out of all the areas and accessories of your kitchen, we are sure that sink and faucets are the most used items by every family member. Isn’t it?

Therefore, we believe that your kitchen faucet should always look great while delivering 100% satisfied performance. 

You must be thinking that c’mon it’s just a random fixture, why give so much attention to it? 

Well, that’s not the case our dear fellows. 

It’s not just a random fixture that you can buy from anywhere without giving a second thought. But it’s an important tool that eases the overall operation in your kitchen. Especially if you want all the chores to be done with great ease and convenience then yes, you need to focus on choosing the right faucet handle types for your kitchen.

Your faucet handle type can simply work wonders if chosen wisely and installed correctly. So, if you are planning a kitchen renovation and already decided on a faucet, then make sure you are choosing a convenient and trendy faucet handle that prevents splashing and has the most breathtaking design.

Let’s move on to some popular faucet handle types and figure out what design suits you the best. 

Pull-down faucet- The most popular faucet handle!

Here’s the most popular and commonly used faucet handle type- Pull down faucet.

If you want to upgrade your simple kitchen, we recommend you install a pull-down faucet that is even a pocket-friendly choice for every common person. 

Unlike other faucet types, it has a most significant distinction. This faucet type has a goose-neck spout, it works by allowing the spray head to extend in the downward direction into the sink. 

These are probably an ideal choice for single and deep basins. If you want to choose a pull-down faucet for your kitchen, it’s best to consider the depth of the sink as well as the pressure of the water.

Besides that, if you have to deal with some big piles of dishes, pans, and other cookware every day while keeping your sink clean then this faucet handle is probably the right choice. That’s the reason, most people choose this easy-to-use pull-down faucet style so they can have the best experience with the extendable spout.

Pull-down faucets also help you prevent the splashing of water and keep things clean. You can reach every spot and dirt on your sink due to its long spout facing downwards. It perfectly rinses out and helps maintain a clean countertop.

For example, this exquisitely manufactured Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is an ideal design for your kitchen sink. It features a double function pull-down sprayer, ceramic disk cartridge, and solid brass body.

You can get learn its specs and installation methods from the expert professionals of KibiUSA who deal with different faucet handle types.

Pull-out Faucet: Utilize less headroom than pull-down faucet

As their name implies, pull-out faucets have a spray head that you can easily pull out of the faucet body. It is available with a detachable handle which is pulled out anytime you want.

The benefit of this style of faucet is, you can remove its spout head and then drag it to different places as you like. It also looks similar to a pull-down faucet, hence there are a lot of differences in features and traits. According to many people, pull-out faucets are a great option as they utilize less headroom than pull-down faucets.

So, if you have a shallow sink in your kitchen, we are sure that pull-out faucets will look well because they will certainly have less splashback. 

Not only that, but this faucet handle type also has a finger-friendly button that helps you adjust the water flow rate and set temperature based on your needs. the faucet handle has a low-arching feature that gives you an opportunity to direct it with one hand.

Have a look at this Single Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucet that is a dream faucet handle for your kitchen sink. It has a solid brass body and is available with extra durability and reliability. You can get them in different styles, sizes, and colors according to your requirement and budget.

Single handle faucets- Favorite type of every common person

Undoubtedly, a single-handle faucet is the most common type of faucet you will ever find in every house.

Single handle faucets are considered a much more reliable option than double handle faucets. Why? because their installation is simple, they are user-friendly, and you can even turn them on with your wrist or elbows.

They are a simple and straightforward choice than other designs in the market. Especially if you want something awesome without crossing your budget boundaries then this Single handle Pull down kitchen faucet is an excellent choice that is equally beneficial for bathrooms and kitchens. 

With its highly durable and easy-to-use singular lever, you can easily switch it from side to side or even up and down. You can also adjust water temperature based on your requirements.

Single handle faucet installation is also not difficult, however, if you want to be done professionally and quickly, it’s better to consider the help of plumbers or do it yourself while learning the tips from professionals.

Double handle faucets- Traditional and sophisticated

And here we have another common design called double handle faucet that is gradually getting trendy among homeowners in the US.

This double-handle faucet has two separate handles located on both sides of the faucet. Their connections and regulations everything are separate. You can manage the flow of water as well as adjust the temperature for hold and cold water. 

It works similar to the single-handle faucet, but sometimes, two handles might be better than one. Right? 

It is associated with some traditional countryside kitchens. The handles are especially beneficial if you are facing any leaks because you will still have an option to use other handles. 

Double-handle faucet types can be used as compression washers as well as cartridge faucets. They are available in a range of colors, finishes, and styles, so you can choose any type according to your requirement.

As there are different variations available, make sure you choose the right brand and type of faucet as you have to use it for many years to come.  Some of the handles are available in a cylinder shape, some of them are rounded ball-shaped heads and some handles are gooseneck taps that also look charming, elegant, and sophisticated.

Hands-free faucet- A leading-edge innovation

Have you ever heard of or used touchless kitchen faucets?

If not yet, then you must feel excited to use this one as this is the most innovative and current leading-edge technology in kitchen faucets.  Why? Because it operates with just a simple swipe of a hand. When the faucet’s sensor detects any kind of motion, it signals the valve to turn off or on and controls the movement of water. This sensor is located inside the tap’s body which helps identify all types of movements. 

Now let’s imagine how it works when you are in an emergency. 

For example, you are being stuck in some messy situation, your hands are dirty with grease and baker’s yeast. And worse thing, your kids are also splashing their food and making the area dirty. How would you go and clean your hands without making your bathroom interiors and accessories dirty?

A hands-free faucet type is exactly available for this reason. By using its motion-detecting technology, you can finally get relief without making other things dirty in the kitchen or bathroom.

Not only that but these touchless faucet handles also work manually. Now you must be wondering how this faucet handles work? Do they use batteries or what?

Well, yes! These automatic faucets need a high-power source to run. Your power sources can also vary. Some of the faucets can get their power from dry cell batteries while other faucets rely on low voltage current received from AC transformers.

Smart faucets- A luxury choice for every home

Do you know there are some gadgets in your home that are even smarter than you? Well, yes. It’s not a joke.

We are talking about smart faucets. These are incredibly smart as they listen to you when you ask them to turn on and to turn off. They also adjust the desired temperature for you and follow every instruction. 

These are the best choices for your luxury home. 

Your smart faucet is available with all bells and whistles such as a brilliant digital display that tell you the particular water temperature and different water-saving features that tell you how much water you are pulling from the tap.

The downside is this faucet handle is not a DIY type. You must need professional help for perfect installation.

Ending Thoughts

So, these were our favorite picks in faucet handle types that are currently popular in the market too. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or want to change the faucet handles, just make sure you read the above article twice, so you won’t miss any significant detail. In other cases, you need to talk to our professionals at KibiUSA where our top priority is providing an awe-inspiring experience with their amazing faucet handle types. 

Let’s get yourself packed up in today’s latest faucet designs and take your renovations to the next level without breaking your bank.