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What are the Best Farmhouse Sinks?

What are the Best Farmhouse Sinks?

We all know the phrase that “kitchen is the heart of every home”. It’s a place where you can eat, cook, gossip, and spend some memorable time with your family. In fact, we have asked many people about their favorite room in the house, and surprisingly, most of them replied “the kitchen”.

So, we believe it should feel homey and comfy than other rooms of the house- which is why it should also be functional. And according to the recent analysis, if you want to add a chic blend of modern and contemporary design, it’s recommended to opt for a farmhouse sink rather than a simple sink that needs a lot of care and maintenance.

But the real questions that are stuck in many people’s minds are, what are the best farmhouse sinks? And what material should they consider?

So, let us answer all those questions that create confusion and read the tips for choosing the best farmhouse sink based on your needs, taste, and of course budget.

What’s a Farmhouse Sink?

If you are new to the farmhouse sink term, you need to understand first that what’s a farmhouse sink and how it benefits your everyday kitchen activities.

Well, the farmhouse sink is also known as an apron sink. It features a very large and deep basin as well as an exposed front area that sits straight in the position of your kitchen counter and cabinets. This type of sink offers a lot of amazing benefits in terms of functionality- which is why it’s an ideal choice for large homes.

Since farmhouse sinks are larger and deeper than your traditional kitchen sinks, they offer enough room for rinsing and washing dishes. Another amazing fact is farmhouse sinks also look more ergonomic as compared to other sinks. They do not even require you to reach the counter.


Popular materials for Farmhouse kitchen sinks

If you are planning to revamp your kitchen and want to introduce a farmhouse sink, then it’s better to analyze all the material types available for your farmhouse sink that can make a difference. There are extensive varieties available at wide price ranges. Stainless steel, metal, stone, and other popular types are the best materials for farmhouse sinks.

Have a look at KibiUSA’s single bowl and double kitchen sinks that offer amazing advantages.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most common types of farmhouse sinks that are used by almost every homeowner today. The reason why people use it frequently is, stainless sinks are durable and comparatively lightweight. They are also quite inexpensive, need low maintenance, and can always look well in both traditional and modern environments.

Stainless steel material is extremely thick, and its thickness is commonly known as a gauge; now some higher gauges are usually thin, and lower-gauge sinks are a bit thick and costly. 

You can also find different finishes in stainless steel sinks such as shiny mirror finishes as well as satin lustrous looks. The best part is they are quite easy to clean. However, over a certain period, their finish usually gets damaged, scratched, or dull. In fact, mirror finishes also start showing spots.

But when you choose a reliable brand like KibiUSA, you won’t experience any dullness or damage in shape and color even after years. For example, their 27″ Handcrafted Farmhouse Apron Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink has lustrous beauty, extra durability, and long-lasting performance.

It also has a commercial-grade brushed finish and a 10” deep bowl that offers more room for washing dishes. You can choose the width of the sink according to your taste and requirement.

Cast Iron

Cast iron kitchen sink material is another long-lasting, durable, and easy to maintain choice. It is covered in a thick kind of enamel coating that was the popular choice for kitchen sinks in previous years.

But now, after the emergence of other types, its popularity is bit slipped.

Cast-iron farmhouse sinks are efficiently coated with thick enamel. They are heavier in size, long-lasting, and look quite durable than other types. The interesting thing is its enamel can be easily tinted in your desired color choice so you can match it with other interiors of your house.

Some light-colored enamels usually get stained quickly, but they can also be cleaned easily by using some nonabrasive commercial stain remover.


Copper is another highly durable material that retains its beauty, elegance, and strength even after recycling. 

Do you know what’s unique about copper? It can be hammered or molded in different shapes and designs, which probably looks lovely with the overall interior of your kitchen. Copper is a naturally antimicrobial material, which is why it is getting trendy among lots of health-conscious consumers.

Well, copper is also a costly alternative for many people today, but this material has now been used for small accessory sinks, like those existing in island locations.

Copper also requires some extra care and maintenance so it can retain its good looks. That material oxidizes over time, and hence you need some special cleansers or waxes to properly maintain its shine and appearance.


Did you know concrete is an extremely strong material that even lasts for 50-60 years with proper care and maintenance? However, they are somewhat hard to maintain as they easily get stains.

Remember, they are also available at high price tags. So, if you want to use concrete, you need to save some extra bucks every month to afford it. The reason is, they are handcrafted by highly professional, smart, and skilled manufacturers who can customize the material in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Concrete is also heavy than other sink material types, so they do not get damaged even after years of rough use.

Another amazing feature of concrete is, they are sealed and hence does not allow water or stains.

Granite and Quartz

Granite and Quartz are many popular choices as they are natural stones. They are also a bit expensive but still favorite due to their pleasing and varied appearance.

Granite is comparatively more porous than quartz, but it doesn’t mean that it will last longer. However, they are smooth, heat resistant, and easy to clean. They are also resistant to scratches, dents, damages, and chips.

They are also much hygienic and have odor-resistant properties. In short, they are an ideal material for kitchen sinks.


What should you consider when choosing the best farmhouse sinks?

Well, we all know that every farmhouse kitchen sink offers the same performance, but there is a number of features that affect their functionality and usability such as size, style, colors, and many more.

Style of sinks

There are different styles and combinations when it comes to the styles of the sinks. Each style has its own benefits and features. And also, there are no one-size-fits-all needs.

Double bowls

If you have a large family, a sink with double bowls should be your preferred option. The one bowl for rinsing and the other for preserving hot sudsy water. It offers the benefits of two basins and can accommodate large dishes and pots.

Single bowls

 Single bowls are extremely common and give you the advantage of accommodating large dishes and cookware in one place.

Drop-in or under-mount?

Farmhouse sinks are usually available in own or two styles like drop-in and under-mount sinks.


These are also called top mount sinks. These sinks are installed directly at the top of the countertop. They have lip framing which usually collects dust and dirt over time.


Under-mount sinks are usually attached to the bottom area of the countertop. For perfect installation, you need to get heavy-duty clips as well as caulking. KibiUSA professionals are experts in installing under-mount farmhouse sinks.


To make your kitchen calm, cool, and less dramatic, using neutral color tones is the best practice. If your farmhouse sink is in Stainless steel material, then it would be definitely in a grey or similar shade. However, if it has some natural stone finish such as granite and quartz, then the sink could also be in darker shades.

Moreover, some other neutral tones like white, off-white, and beige, would be the most popular colors for fireclay material. You can find several decorative color schemes with them to give a more charming touch to your interiors.


Before you start looking for a farmhouse sink, make sure you have perfect ideas about its sizes. Whether you are replacing your existing sink or buying a new one, it’s recommended to take precise measurements so you can ensure the perfect adjustment of your sink.

Also, note that farmhouse sinks vary in size. Their width usually ranges from 20 to 60 inches. However, the most common size many people use is approximately 33 by 21 inches.

Farmhouse sinks are always characterized by their larger bowls which are usually 10 inches deep in size.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are building a new kitchen or just revamping your existing one, it’s important to ensure the right farmhouse sink that is perfect in both form and function.  If you are confused about making the right choice, consult with KibiUSA professionals that offer versatile farmhouse kitchen sinks in different sizes and designs based on your needs and budget.

Farmhouse sinks are always characterized by their larger bowls which are usually 10 inches deep in size.