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What is a Fireclay Sink?

What is a Fireclay Sink? Benefits, Comparisons, Cost, and Much More

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, chances are you are looking for the trendiest option in sinks that does it all- without breaking your bank!

So why not try a downright gorgeous, super stylish, and show-stopping fireclay sink for your kitchen?

We suggested fireclay because this is one of the “hottest” sink materials available out there that looks classy over ceramic and stainless steel and creates a seamless new look.

But do you know what’s the big deal about these types of sinks? What makes them so special? And why are they suddenly a popular choice among others?

Well, you must have been scouring the internet for all the information about fireclay sinks, but we are sure that you may not get all the significant details in one place that help you make the right choice before purchase.

You don’t have to worry anymore, as we have all the answers to your questions.

Read on to know all the information about fireclay sinks by KibiUSA and learn what makes them a smart choice for your kitchen.

What is a fireclay kitchen sink? An overview

Maybe you have not heard much about fireclay kitchen sinks yet and wondering why you should choose them over stainless-steel sinks.

If that’s so, it’s important to get a brief overview of fireclay kitchen sinks.

Clay is basically a material that is fired with a glaze. When clay and glaze fuse together and are fired at scorching temperature, they result in a heavy-duty, hard, long-wearing, ultra-durable, and super amazing ceramic material that almost looks similar to enameled cast iron.

Besides hundreds of practical benefits, fireclay sinks are super trendy and bound to remain charming for every year and season. Also, these sinks are not exclusive to farmhouses or luxurious cottages, they just serve as a central point to every size and style of kitchen.

Fireclay vs Stainless Steel Sink

If you are buying kitchen sinks for the first time, you may feel confused about choosing the right material and sink type. As there are plenty of materials available in the market such as copper, stainless steel, granite, cast iron, and many others.

Thus, people feel a little intimidated before choosing the one available with great durability and reliability.

Therefore, many people often choose stainless steel and porcelain sinks as they are commonly available and the preferred choice of every homeowner. Let’s compare them with fireclay sinks and find out which is the right option.

Remember, stainless steel sinks should be your topmost option if you are short on money.

Usually, stainless steel sinks have been found in stylish and modern home settings. While fireclay sinks seem a more obvious choice in a farmhouse or country-style homes. But their amazing features and timeless design ensure that both of these sink types are best for modern and traditional settings, for many years to come. It totally depends on your choice and budget.

Also, stainless steel sinks are resistant to bacteria, corrosions, stains, and scratches. They are also quite easy to clean. But if you want to give your kitchen a natural-looking appearance, fireclay sinks are the best choice. Since they are created with clay and feature more sound-absorbent properties as compared to other sink types.

However, both sink types have their own features and strengths. In short, if you want a more durable and timeless design for your farmhouse, fireclay sinks are the best. But if you want a budget-friendly solution that resists all the wear and tear, then stainless steel is the right type to consider.

Fireclay vs Porcelain Sinks

What about choosing porcelain sinks? Is that a better option than fireclay? What makes it different from fireclay? Or is that just a fancy name for the fireclay sink?
There are a lot of questions that pop up in everyone’s mind as both of these materials have a lot of similarities.

Well, yes, we understand all this confusion and skepticism. Because for years, porcelain has been an ideal choice for kitchen sinks.

Then why are people switching to fireclay sinks now?

Despite some similarities, there are a lot of differences as well.

Fireclay kitchen sinks are usually handmade. The artists use a special kind of white clay while manufacturing this sink type. The white clay is only available in a few parts of the world such as Israel, France, Italy, and Limoges.

The experts mix all the white clay into the water and then pour it efficiently into molds. This whole mixture needs a humidity-controlled area to get dry. After that, they fuse the clay and glaze material together at high temperatures to get dense and non-porous material.

This is why fireclay sinks are called the most heat and stain-resistant sinks.

Porcelain also looks similar to fireclay. But the difference is, porcelain is less durable.
Porcelain can only be heated under low temperatures which makes it susceptible to discoloration, chip, and damages.

But if you are looking for a colorful sink that matches the kitchen interiors, porcelain is the right choice as fireclay sinks are only available in white and off-white shades. However, you can get different sizes in fireclay sinks as well that best suit your kitchen space and style.

What are the costs of a fireclay sink?

Now that’s probably a million-dollar question. But luckily, you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy a fireclay sink.

We agree that fireclay sinks have some disadvantages as well and the most notable one is the price of course. Since they are available in exceptional quality and features, they are a bit expensive; some high-quality sinks range in price from hundred to thousand dollars.

Well, you don’t have to spend tons of money to buy a great sink. You can choose a moderately priced fireclay sink as costs are not the indicators of lower quality always.

You can get an average cost under-mount fireclay sink for $600-$1,250. However, if you want one with lower costs, you can also rely on $325. Sink capacity, number of bowls, quality, materials, and lots of factors affect the costs.

Benefits of Fireclay

If you are still undecided about whether a fireclay sink would go well with your interiors and overall setting or not, have a look at the benefits of fireclay sinks which are the highly desirable option today.

  • Fireclay sinks are exceptionally durable as they are created after the fusion of clay and glaze which are resistant to acid, alkali, scratches, and other elements.
  • Best for every style from modern to traditional
  • They are also chip resistant
  • Fireclay sinks are heat resistant; feel free to place hot pans without the fear of any damages
  • Not so expensive choice

Due to all the above benefits, fireclay sinks look like an excellent choice for your kitchen space. Especially when it comes to value, durability, price, and quality, they outmatch enameled iron cast material, porcelain, and other materials.

Maintenance and cleaning of your fireclay sinks

Like every material, it’s quite essential to learn about cleaning your fireclay sink so you can maintain its finish and overall appearance.

With careful maintenance and cleaning, the heavy-duty composition will glow, shine and look perfect for many years to come; Like other traditional sinks, fireclay will not get stained or discolored as it is nonporous and alkali-resistant sink material.

This sink type relatively needs low care and maintenance. Here are the rules to consider when you buy a fireclay sink:

  • Wash your sink every day, especially when it gets dirty
  • Make sure you wipe the sink with a soft and dry cloth after every use.
  • Clean dirt with some mildly abrasive cleaning product once a week.
  • You can also use baking soda for perfect cleaning. Remember, daily cleaning will not harm its look or finish
  • Coat the sink with liquid wax every month for smooth drainage
  • Buy sink grid for further protection

KibiUSA- The best brand for fireclay sinks

After knowing all the details, features, benefits, and comparisons, we know the next question that must be popping in your mind is where should I get the best fireclay sink?

Well, your answer is- KibiUSA. It’s important to know the fact that not every fireclay sink is made of equal quality. But when it comes to investing in highly durable and affordable sink types, then KibiUSA is a trusted brand that takes pride in offering different varieties and sizes in fireclay sinks.

Have a look at its types and sizes and find out what suits you the best:

  • 18″ Fireclay Undermounted Kitchen Sink Cubic Series
  • 19″ Round Fireclay Undermounted Kitchen Sink Crater Series
  • 24″ Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Landis Series
  • 27″ Fireclay Undermounted Kitchen Sink Landis Series
  • 30″ Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Arch Series
  • 30″ Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Landis Series
  • 33″ Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Pure Series
  • 33″ Fireclay Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Pillar Series
  • 36″ Fireclay Farmhouse Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Pillar Series

Each sink type features exclusive high-quality glazing technology that provides long-term protection against staining and corrosion.

KibiUSA only sells the highest quality products. Among our extensive collection of kitchen sinks, faucets, and other accessories, fireclay sinks are our bestsellers that are crafted by professional artisans.

If you are interested in this style, visit our website today and decide which type looks best with your interiors.