What is a Widespread Faucet? How to Install it?

What is a Widespread Faucet? How to Install it?

Looking to install a chic faucet that makes your work easy in the kitchen? Or simply want to upgrade your kitchen with luxury accessories? No matter what your requirement is, a widespread kitchen faucet is all you need to consider that adds a modern and dynamic touch to your kitchen.

We know that kitchen faucets are one of the most frequently used items, which is why you want to choose a perfect faucet that addresses all your needs and performs trouble-free action. 

Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose from an extensive range of sinks and faucets. However, if you want to give your kitchen an ultimately modern and lavish look, then a widespread faucet is worth a try. This type of faucet is useful for larger sinks and best for a big family so you can cook, clean, cut, and wash things easily.

So, whether you have to cook frequently for guests and other family members, or just want to wash dishes conveniently, the best faucet to consider is- the widespread faucet.

Well, there might be a lot of questions stuck in your mind, but today we are going to explain everything in detail so you can understand its benefits and method of cleaning and installation.

What is a Widespread Faucet?

A widespread faucet is also known as an 8-inch spread faucet that contains three different parts. This faucet type mainly comprises separate cold and hot handles that are not attached to the sprout and are totally independent. These handles can either be mounted on the countertop or the sink. 

These faucet types are available in different styles, ranges, and colors. You can choose them based on your kitchen interior and requirements. You can get widespread faucets from tons of retailers and brands who provide you with these faucets in different finishes. 

Installation of widespread faucets is not much different than the installation of other common faucets. However, it’s a little more difficult because rather than installing one large piece, you have to install three separate parts.

Benefits of Widespread Faucets:

Now that you understand what widespread faucet is, so it’s time to learn its benefits and other things so you can rest assured that you are going to make a great choice for your kitchen.

When you choose a widespread faucet, the most amazing advantage you enjoy is their separate connections for cold and hot water. These connections are hidden below your sink counter, which means there is no mess on the top and the area looks perfectly clean and nice. 

Another plus point to installing a widespread faucet is, you can place it in different stylish ways, unlike traditional faucets. For example, you can put the spout on the backside of your counter and install handles on the left and right sides. 

If you want to give a modern touch to your interior, the widespread faucet can simply help you do that with its unique design.

Especially if your kitchen has large counter space, these faucet types are an incredible option than other types. Though they relatively take more space than others, they can perfectly balance the large counter space.

Are There Any Disadvantages too?

Well, there are no significant disadvantages of widespread faucets. They just take more room in your kitchen sink area because they have three separate parts. Other than that, their installation could be difficult because you have to install the parts separately one by one. 

However, this is manageable as the method is not that difficult. Especially when you consider professional help, you can do that easily within minutes.

How to Install the Widespread Faucet?

Installation of a widespread faucet is not much difficult if you are following all the steps and instructions. It may take some time because it involves the installation of three different parts separately. Have a look below and learn how to install the widespread faucet.


  • Grab the centerpiece which is called the spout of the faucet. Turn the spout upside down very carefully and then wrap a rope of plumber’s putty to its bottom area. After that, adjust the centerpiece on the center hole of your sink and then position it into its place.
  • Tight the nut which is located at the base of the spout from below. Hold the centerpiece straight from above and ask your assistance to keep it in the right position. After that, use your wrench so you can tighten the nut from below until your centerpiece is tight and not moving from its position when pressed.
  • Wrap plumber’s putty around the base part of every faucet handle valve. Now adjust the valves into the position of each side of the valve.
  • Tight the nuts that are holding those valves from below. Finish tightening them until you find them fully positioned to their place.
  • Now thread its T-connector onto the base area of the spout. Tight it with hands until they are fit and make sure one arm of the “T” is positioned in front of every valve.
  • After that, wrap the tape around the threads on the underside area of the faucet valves. Now screw on your faucet lines and make sure they run to each side of the T-connector. Fix them with tape and wrap them around the sides of the “T” as well as attach the faucet lines.
  • Wrap plumber’s tape on each end of the water valves. After that, run the water lines to every side of the valves. Do not forget to attach the water lines to the faucet’s valves.
  • Fit its handle escutcheons over the top areas of the valves from above hand tight them carefully, make sure you are using a screwdriver to tighten the handle into its place.
  • Put its handles over the top area of the valves as well as tighten the screws that are positioning them into their places. Set the decorative caps that are hiding the screws into their position on the top area of the faucet.
  • Turn on the water supply and check if it’s working.

How to Clean Your Widespread Faucet?

Just like its installation, the cleaning of a widespread faucet is not at all difficult. You can do it easily without any help and just like any other faucet type.

Here’s what you need to clean your widespread faucet.

  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Cleaning vinegar
  • Nonabrasive cleaner or polisher
  • Toothbrush 
  • Washcloth

Steps to clean the faucet:

Check out the faucet material

This is the most important step and quite self-explanatory as well. Because whenever you think about cleaning the faucet, you keep its material in mind. However, most faucets are made of highly efficient and durable materials that can easily withstand every cleaning chemical. There are a few cases when some chemicals hurt the overall look of your faucet and damage the finish. 

Perform an initial scrub:

Use a damp washcloth and apply a dish soap onto that soft cloth. After that, lather it around and rub carefully until you find substantial foam as well as a few small bubbles. Rub the cloth on the surface of the faucet, and make sure you clean every area deeply between the handles of the faucets. Now the rinse that soap off with clean water. 

Don’t forget to clean the edges

Another important area to clean is the faucet edges. It’s the area where the base of the faucet meets the sink. This is the most sensitive area where most germs and dirt gets collected. So, it’s important to clean the area gently. You can use an old toothbrush to do it efficiently. Just grab the toothbrush and wipe all the dirt away.

Use cleaning vinegar

After finishing steps 3 and 4, if there is still some dirt and germ, then use a water-vinegar solution that contains equal portions of vinegar and water. The acidity of the vinegar would help you in removing some dark spots, marks, and stains.

Prices of Widespread Faucets:

When it comes to pricing of the widespread faucet, you can get them with as low as $60, and as high as hundreds of dollars.

Many reputable brands like KibiUSA have a great collection of widespread faucets in different materials, colors, and price ranges. One important consideration before buying these faucets is their quality and durability. Though a few hundred dollars may be an expensive deal for a faucet, it can be quite durable and last long.

However, when you buy cheap faucets, they may cause certain leaks and damages in no time, which leads to more expenses. 

Low-quality faucets can often break easily, and you will end up paying hefty amounts for their maintenance. When you buy high-quality faucets, you will get them with a lifetime guarantee. Therefore, it’s better to make a wise investment initially instead of spending tons of money on cheap faucets that cause unlimited problems in the future. So if you want to choose widespread faucets, visit KibiUSA once and find out which faucet would be appropriate for your needs and complement kitchen interiors.