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What is an Apron Sink? Everything You Need to Know

What is an Apron Sink? Everything You Need to Know

Whether you are constructing a new home or trying to renovate the existing one, a stylishly designed apron sink can simply breathe new life into your kitchen and give it a more refreshing look.

We have always seen that when people begin their quest for a new sink, they come across different models and styles that can add a luxurious touch to their kitchen and make it a more functional space. Many people choose from drop-in sinks, under-mount sinks, and stainless-steel ones as they are affordable as well as modern.

However, you will also find many people who love to get apron sinks for their kitchen due to its deeper and exposed appearance. Drawing inspiration from beautiful farmhouse sinks, these wider sinks look modern and also known as farmhouse sinks. These sinks are installed between the countertops of your kitchen with front-facing exposed, making them a valuable and useful addition to your kitchen.

Still, confused? Well, don’t be. Today we are going to share everything you need to know about apron sinks so next time when you have to decide what sink could do a perfect job, you instantly choose Apron Sinks.

What is an Apron Sink? An Overview

Apron sinks feature a very decent and distinctive look due to their exposed front-facing style. Unlike traditional sinks, this is larger and wider than you can fit into the kitchen countertop where the front edge is fully exposed and other edges are installed in the countertop. These sinks are similar to farmhouse sinks, but since their edges are installed in the countertop, they are designed to provide more space. So, if you have a small kitchen, apron sinks are the best choice to consider. 

Their front-facing is larger than other traditional sinks so they can easily help perform different functions and cater to all the needs of a large family. But what is its advantage? Do people choose it only because of its wider shape?

No. The main advantage of an apron sink is when the basin gets damaged, the plumber can easily remove its drainpipe and could change the entire sink easily within minutes.

Since the apron sink is designed to be replaced easily, you won’t find any holes in the sink that usually exists for fixtures. And the water faucet will be routed through another fitting location existing permanently on the counter. This would extend over to the sink without needing to be attached to it. 

Especially if you have a large family and your kitchen seems to be a busy place, this sink type could offer more versatility and improve operations. Therefore, apron sinks are again gaining enough popularity today due to their unique and modern look as well as more useful features.

Materials Used for Apron Sinks

Remember the days when porcelain, stainless, and ceramic sinks were the only options available in apron sink models? Well, today the time has changed.

Now you can find a variety of materials, shapes, and colors in apron sinks that are designed to address your decorating preferences.

People prefer to get sinks created from fireclay materials that are more long-lasting in nature, durable, and look more antique. The material is created when glaze and clay fuse at aggressive temperature and then result in a hard material that can resist all kinds of dents, stains, cracks, and scratches. They need little to no maintenance. 

Asides from fireclay materials, you can find apron sinks in different other material types, such as:

  • Marbles
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • Granite concrete 

All of these options are provided by reputable brands. Whatever style and material you want to choose for your kitchen, make sure you discuss the requirements with experts.

Colors Available in Apron Sinks

Many people love the classic white look of apron sinks as it gives more decent vibes, but the good news is, apron sinks are not only available in white shades. You can select from a range of colors based on your kitchen’s interiors and theme.

Some of the stunning colors available in apron sinks are:

  • Black
  • Green Apple
  • Marbled
  • Blue-grey
  • Brown
  • Cobalt blue
  • Cream

So whatever color scheme you have in your kitchen, you can easily choose from these colors and match with your interior.

What are the Benefits of Apron Sinks?

Apron sink is the most amazing investment in the long run. It changes the entire look of your kitchen and transforms the overall appearance. So, let’s check out some of the important benefits you may need to know before installing an apron sink in your kitchen.

Big and Practical

An oversized sink is almost everyone’s favorite choice.

That’s the reason, many love to choose apron sinks due to their extra-wide basin size. They are notoriously larger than your traditional sink and countertop. So as long as you have enough space for them, apron sinks are the best choice.

Apron sinks are also available in two types. Single bowl and double bowl. Whatever type you choose for your kitchen, you will always have enough room to wash and clean up after big family feasts. Especially if you have big, harder-to-clean dishes and pots, apron sinks are ideal to use. Since they have forward orientation, you can easily lift heavy cookware while moving them in or out of the vessel.


Its bigger size is not only ideal for cleaning dishes, but it also makes the sink a more versatile addition to your kitchen. 

With a wider basin where you can clean heavy items like glassware and large pots, it gives an extraordinary experience in the laundry as well where you can wash clothes and soak away stains.

There are plenty of models and varieties available that can easily withstand all wear & tear.

Flexible choice

Apron sinks do not have any pre-drilled holes in the faucet. Instead, the holes are mounted directly onto the countertop just below the sink.

This offers great flexibility to homeowners, as they can easily choose the desired faucet based on their needs, rather than choosing the one according to the dimension of the sink. If you already have your desired faucet, you can replace the sink without considering anything about its compatibility.


Save space

When you wash dishes in the traditional drop-in or under-mount sink, the water splashes directly come from the sink and land on the countertop and cabinets where the water spots leak slowly and fill the countertop and floor with water.

You can clean the space as soon as you find the drops leaking from the cabinets, this would ultimately cause significant damages with time.

For example, in the case of granite countertops, if water stands on them for too long and you don’t wipe it away for a few minutes, it will result in fading and discoloration. And if there are particles of juice or any other liquid is left standing, it would cause long-term staining.

Your cabinets can get sticky, faded, and streaked when water splashes continuously damage them. However, that’s not the case with apron sinks. Since they are already oversized, there are zero chances of spilling or damaging the cabinets from splashing. In that way, you can easily save your cabinets and countertops from water.

Farmhouse look

Another big reason that people choose apron sinks is their farmhouse appeal. Thanks to big brands and designers who showcase the cozy, expensive, and royal kind of look that convinces people to select it from hundreds of other options. 

If you want the vintage kind of look, white and grey apron sinks are excellent to consider as they can match with any interior and color scheme. But if you want a more modern and aesthetically appealing look, you can try other colors like cobalt blue, brown, or green apple.

No strains

With apron sinks, you don’t have to stand for hours and wash the piles of dishes to remove all the stains and spots. Especially when you lean over for hours in cleaning spots and dirt, your back, feet, and legs hurt badly. 

That’s the reason, apron sink is the reliable choice when you have to clean the mess after a big family dinner. You don’t have to lean over, instead, you can stand straight in front of the sink, and easily clean the spots without hurting your back. It is designed to meet the needs of a big family who spend hours cooking, cleaning, and laundering. 


Whether you are planning to create a beautiful farmhouse kitchen for your new home or just replacing a bigger one for family needs, you cannot go wrong with this highly versatile and functional apron sink that gives charm, perfection, and a classy look to your kitchen. 

The apron sink is a timeless addition and a long-term investment. If you finding difficulty in buying a durable apron sink, visit KibiUSA where you can find high-quality apron sinks with a single and double bowl that fits every budget. You can get them in different sizes and styles based on your design and interior needs.