Why Choose Touchless Bathroom Faucets in 2022?

Touchless bathroom faucets were previously installed in public bathrooms, offices, and other commercial buildings as the purpose were to reduce the spread of germs from one to another person. 

Besides, these types of faucets also offer more convenience and reliability as compared to traditional faucets. That’s the exact reason, these faucets have now become a primary choice of most homes in the US. When people construct their new or renovate their bathroom according to the latest trends, they always choose touchless bathroom faucets.

They look more modern and aesthetically pleasing. But it doesn’t mean that you can choose them without considering any important factor. Though touchless faucets are a great blend of form and functionality, but you still need to read all the reasons that make touchless faucets a timeless addition to your home.

Luckily, you can read all of them in this detailed guide.

Convenient Activation

Touchless faucets feature a lot of unique qualities. One of them is convenient activation. Besides performing the standard operation, these faucets comprise modern settings like auto-flush that can periodically clear water with an unpleasant smell. 

Some faucet types also have convenient timer settings. You can easily customize the time duration of the valve. This quality is probably best when you need a small quantity of water.

With touchless faucets, you can also have leak-detection and voice commands qualities that can tell when is the time to get them repaired. So, when it comes to buying a touchless faucet, take some time and do research before choosing a faucet.

Touchless Faucets are Battery-Powered

Every touchless faucet needs a proper source to run, it could be a battery pack or a high-powered adapter. 

You must be thinking that it will be a big hassle to use them because of their battery issues as most batteries won’t stay long and you will need to choose another one.

However, that won’t happen when you trust a reliable brand. Besides, battery-powered faucets are very affordable. Everyone can have them if they want a modern yet hygienic choice in their home. 

Its plug-in options are also very convenient. However, it’s important to install the outlet first unless you already have it in your bathroom. Remember, a touchless faucet won’t work when it’s a power outage. So, think of an alternative idea as well.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Touchless faucets are comparatively easy to clean and maintain as compared to the traditional single or double handle faucets you use at home. 

This means less touching, and of course, fewer fingerprints – which leads to reduced germs spread. However, they can still attract cosmetic items, soap, or toothpaste. It’s also recommended to choose an easy-to-clean finish. Many people consider brushed nickel, chrome, and stainless finishes as they last longer and are resistant to corrosion or damage. 

Moreover, you can easily wipe them down and they will still look perfect and well-maintained.

Design Flexibility

Wondering what are the downsides of touchless faucets? Well, yes! These faucet types have one downside. They are only available in limited styles and finishes. However, when you choose a reliable brand, you can simply get a faucet that is available in your desired style and range.

Every trustable brand implements capacitive technology in their touchless faucets. These automatic touchless faucets incorporate a high-quality sensor kit that has already been built into their spout, so you don’t have to rely on some unattractive infrared sensor. 

You can use this sensor kit with any faucet or finish. We believe that there is nothing worse than renovating a high-end bathroom for your home and ending up with useless and outdated faucet designs that don’t even reflect your space needs. Make sure the faucet you choose always features all the desired capabilities that you actually need. 

So, if you want a touchless faucet for your home, it should always be of high quality and contain all the primary features.

Faucets with LEDs – A Modern Approach

Did you know there are lots of touchless faucets available with LEDs?

Yes, LED plumbing fixtures are getting tremendous popularity in 2022. From faucets to cabinets and showerheads to mirrors, people love LEDs installed on their bathroom fixtures. Thus, every homeowner in the US prefers touchless faucets with LEDs as it’s the modern approach to other types.

Faucets with lights are an absolute game-changer today. However, these faucets also come with a safety device. On most advanced models, you will see that the color of the faucet will change according to the water temperature. In fact, some faucets trigger a flashing light that warns that the water is too hot to use.

Touchless Faucets are Also Voice-Controlled

Hard to believe, right? But that’s true. Today’s faucets are brilliant. They can follow your voice for smooth operations. 

Touchless faucets can also be controlled with a voice. However, you need to connect the faucet to your devices Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. Many apps help you monitor the usage of water as well.

For using these faucets, simply give them a voice command, “Turn on the faucet” and you are done. Especially when your hands are messy or busy, you can operate it with a single voice command.

Another brilliant feature is, that you don’t have to find the right cup for getting proper measurements of water. Just say, “Give me 15 ounces of water” and that’s it.

Fashionable Choice

As we all know that touchless faucets are very fashionable. They look stylish, elegant, and ultra-mod. If you are planning to renovate the bathroom according to the latest trends, just add a touchless faucet and see how it change the entire look of your bathroom.

You can even choose them in your desired colors to match the other interiors of your bathroom.


You shouldn’t compromise on the design and style of your bathroom ever. Especially if you love installing new and fashionable items, then touchless faucets should be a part of your priority list because it provides comfort with style and elegance. It can change the structure of your area and make it look more stylish.

Visit KibiUSA if you need some more ideas and choices for bathroom faucets. We have an extensive range of faucets based on every need, budget, and style. 

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