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Widespread vs. Centerset Faucet- Key Differences and Pros & Cons

Widespread vs. Centerset Faucet- Key Differences and Pros & Cons

When it comes to renovating their bathroom or kitchen, many people do not pay much attention to choosing the right faucet as it’s an ordinary thing for them. But what they don’t know is, installing the wrong faucet can spoil the look of the whole interior. 

Especially if the faucet is not complementing the theme and style of your kitchen, then it definitely looks extremely awkward. You might not feel it, but when the guest enters your kitchen, they probably notice everything from faucet to flooring and wallpaper to roofing. 

So how can you choose the best faucet that complements the whole interior and gives the best performance?

If you have heard about centerfaucet and widespread faucet, it might not be that difficult in making the right choice. Because both of the faucet types are excellent in looks and functionality. However, the thing that confuses many people is, which faucet type is good for their kitchen? What are the key differences between both types and what are their benefits?

If you have ever been to that confusing phase, it must be difficult for you to choose the one that gives 100% performance and is also great in appearance. But don’t worry, at KibiUSA we help you decide the right option.

Here we have differentiated between both types and highlighted some important pros and cons so you can figure out what kitchen faucets are best for your needs.

Widespread Faucet and Centerset Faucet

To understand the differences between the two types, first, it’s important to learn about each type.

  • Centerset Faucet

What if we tell you that centerset faucets are the most popular types and widely used in every home today? You must be surprised, right?

Well, this type of faucet is actually popular for bathroom sinks. In many contemporary styled bathrooms, you will find this is a type of faucet. This faucet is commonly known as a 4-inch spread faucet.

These types of faucets primarily have three holes. Two holes are used for the handle and one hole for the spout. These three holes and parts are connected to each other, which means it’s easy to fix that faucet.

Now, these three are 4 inches away from each other, which is why the faucet is named a 4-inch spread faucet.

These faucets are quite small in size, so they look more compact as compared to the widespread faucet.  Centerset faucets are also great for small bathroom space and take less time to install.

  • Widespread faucets

In widespread faucets, there are three separate parts. One part exists for the spout and two parts are for handles. Now all of these parts exist separately so you have to install them accordingly.

Though the best thing is you have complete freedom to install these parts according to your requirement. By measuring the size and type of your countertop, you can easily adjust the gap between the spout and the handles.

These sinks are the quite best choice if you have a corner sink. Moreover, the sinks that need side spouts can also have this widespread faucet.

Widespread faucets are great for small bathrooms so they can save much space as you can also increase or decrease their size.

Their installation is also much flexible, and they look more organized and stylish because their parts are hidden under the sink. The handles and spouts are away from each other, so they look stylish and updated. One handle can be used for hot water and the other for cold water.


Widespread Faucet vs. Centerset Faucet- Main Differences

When you have to choose between faucets for your kitchen, make sure you know all the features and types of kitchen faucets that could make a difference in functionality and appearance. 

There are myriad types available in kitchen faucets that you might have not seen before.

However, it’s hard to learn about each of them and you have to stick to the option that seems convenient, functional, and overall gives ideal results.

Therefore, widespread faucets and centerset faucets are easy, functional, stylish, and more convenient options. Let’s learn some differences between them so you can figure out what looks cool with your interior. Without knowing the differences, you couldn’t understand what makes each type special.

Well, the major difference between these two types is their design and the method to install them.

Widespread faucets have a unique and stylish design, they have separate handles and none of them are connected to the base.

But on the other side, centerset faucets feature one unit because the handles and faucet are connected with each other. 

However, many times you may see that centerset faucets also have two separate handles as well as a base or plate to mount them on.

Now that you know the major differences between these faucet types, so we hope that it’s easy to buy them from a reputable brand like KibiUSA where professionals can enlighten you more about their features. Though there are some important pros and cons as well that you might love to note before choosing any of the faucet types.

Pros of Widespread Faucets

These faucets are available in three separate parts and essential tools & accessories for installation. Plus, they look good in both the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Room for adjustment

Since its handles are not connected with the faucet, you can install them according to your needs and the space available.

When you are using the widespread faucet, make sure you are using a spacing of approximately 6-8 inches between its handles.


  • Different styles

When it comes to variety, you will find widespread faucets in different designs and styles. For example, you can select from modern, farmhouse, bar, or Victorian style among others.


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

When you compare widespread faucets with centerset faucets, you will observe that widespread faucets are easy to clean and maintain.

The reason is, there is already enough space between its handles and spout which means you can easily wipe or scrub.



There are also a few cons that might not be as prominent but still important to know.

  • Widespread faucets are a bit complicated to install, you may need professional help.
  • They take more space, because of three separate parts.

They are best when you need a corner mount basin.


Pros of Centerset Faucets

Now it’s time to learn some pros and cons of centerspread faucets.

They are usually the standard type of faucets that look best in bathrooms.  They feature a single unit and have handles and faucets attached with the base plate.



  • Compact in design

These faucet types are quite compact in design. You can easily fit them in any bathroom or kitchen style to save enough amount of space.


  • Easy to install

Centerset faucets are available in one piece, they do not have any parts so you can easily install them without any professional help.


  • Decent and nice

Their design looks decent and nice. Almost every kitchen features this style and it’s the most popular one among others.



  • Not so much fancy

These are simple and decent, if you are looking for a fancy design, they may not be an ideal type.


  • Hard to clean

As they are available in one piece, it’s a bit hard to clean them. They get dust, rust, and other dirt easily.

You can select this option for drop-in sinks or pedestal sinks.


Renovating your home is not an easy thing. In fact, it’s the most overwhelming task especially when you have to choose between the options, and you couldn’t decide what’s the right one to consider. Therefore, when it comes to deciding between faucets, you can easily pick the one if you know their features and specialties. 

That’s why our detailed comparison and pros & cons might be a great help in deciding. So, before you go and buy a kitchen faucet for your home, make sure you keep these points in mind. 

Now if you are wondering that what’s the best faucet type between the two, then it depends on your requirements and kitchen interior. 

If you have less space, it’s best to choose centerset faucet as they feature one piece only. But if your kitchen is big and has modern interiors, then a widespread faucet is the right option with three separate parts which looks beautiful with other interior and might enhance the overall look of your area.

If you want to see more variety in Kitchen faucets, you can also visit KibiUSA where you can select from lots of designs and styles based on your needs and budget.